Our Services

Our services cover the full investment cycle

Raison offers dedicated advisory services to investors and fund managers with active ownership mandates. Our main focus is on private equity, but we also support family offices, private foundations, venture capital, and others. We frequently leverage our long-standing experience from the corporate sector to assist individual companies in their sustainable transformation journeys, either as part of a portfolio company engagement or as stand-alone engagements with corporate clients.


At Raison, we work closely with fund managers in the private equity sector and beyond to unlock the full potential of their sustainability and ESG efforts across the full deal cycle. In doing so, we always take an outset in the unique mission and investment thesis of our clients, the expectations from Limited Partners (LPs) and the specific suite of ESG risks and opportunities inherent in our clients’ investment universe.

We believe that the true value of our clients’ ESG and sustainability efforts lies in their ability to drive positive transformations at the portfolio company level, creating important ripple effects throughout the economy while meeting the growing demands from Limited Partners, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Our investor services cover support and advisory across the full deal cycle, including:

  • Assess expectations from Limited Partners, regulators and stakeholders
  • Set ambitions and aspirations
  • Design of ESG policies, targets, and management systems
  • Build organisational capacity
  • Define and develop disclosures
Investment process
  • Design of investment procedures, governance and tools
  • Conduct third-party ESG screenings and due diligence
Ownership process
  • Define portfolio company governance and requirements
  • Strategy and target-setting at portfolio and PC level
  • Capacity-building for portfolio companies and/or Board of Directors
  • Develop ESG exit plan
  • Equity story development


Raison is built on substantial hands-on experience from supporting sustainable transformations in some of the world’s leading companies and brands as well as smaller and medium-sized companies across sectors.

We engage with corporate clients in two ways: either as part of our engagement with an investor or fund manager (portfolio company clients) or as independent engagements without the involvement of an investor or fund manager (company clients).

Our corporate advisory services are adapted to the specific needs of our clients and will typically cover one or more of the following services:

  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • Trend spotting and materiality assessment
  • Strategy development and target setting
  • Sustainability research and program development
  • Impact measurement and management
  • Sustainability disclosure and communications
  • Capability building and training